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  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook
  • Ohenro Notebook

Ohenro Notebook


*The book is written in Japanese.

We recommend the notebook for O-henro beginners. This is a not just notebook; it is a
very functional notebook. It is made light (110g/0.24pounds) and small so that it will be suitable for any type of pilgrims to carry.

・Future 1/Manual of manners at sacred sites
First of all, the most important thing is preparing and getting information about the
pilgrimage. We have been providing these information on the notebook and it will be
useful for O-henro beginners. It contains all of the sutras and how to recite it (also
called Dokkyou /読経). It will serve for a book of sutras. There is also Hannya Shin-Gyō
(般若心経) translated into modern Japanese language.

・Future 2/Fulfilling information about temples
The notebook contains addresses, phone numbers, and locations of temples at
Shikoku’s four prefectures (Kagawa, Ehime, Tokushima, Kochi). It provides each
temple’s information on a page. Not just only basic information, there are also maps of
temple precincts, history, highlight, and information of the inner sanctuaries of each
temple, and distance and time to the next temple. At the bottom of the page, there is
black space to write down your memory at the temple. It also provides information
about each temple of Bangai-fudasho (Bekkaku-reijyō). There are addresses, phone
numbers, and locations of Bangai-fudasho (Bekkaku-reijyō)’s temples. Therefore, it
contains the information, including a map about Mt. Koya after completing your visit to
all 88 temples.

・Future 3/Recommended stores and restaurants
There will be a question and worry about where to stay or places to see on the
pilgrimage. In the notebook, we have been providing facilities recommended by pilgrims with experiences. There are the latest information about lodging facilities, pilgrim and climbing goods stores, and restaurants at each prefecture in Shikoku.

・Future 4/Make your own dairy
At the end of the notebook, there are ten week’s pages to write down your memory on
the pilgrimage. On the last page of it, there are also blank pages.

・Future 5/Useful trivia
The notebook provides trivia about henro and it will be useful and fun to read for Ohenro beginners. There are also information about the biography of Kobo-Daishi
(Kukai), the history of the Shikoku pilgrimage, and the legend of Emon Saburō (衛門三

・Size = Length 16cm/6.29inch, Width 9cm/3.54inch, Thickness about 0.8cm/0.31inch
・Weight = about 110g (0.24pounds)
・Cover material = PVC sheeting
・Color = Blue
・The notebook has two integrated bookmarks, inner pocket, and 190 pages.

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